EULAR Anniversary Videos


Dr. Elena Nikiphorou

Dr. Elena Nikiphorou, EULAR Liaison Officer EMEUNET, wishes EULAR a happy 70th Anniversary and speaks about the ways in which the association has positively impacted her life, both professionally and personally.


Prof. João Eurico Fonseca

Professor João Fonseca, EULAR Scientific Chair, celebrates 70 years of the association and its contribution to the scientific community.


Prof. Christina H. Opava

Professor Christina H. Opava, EULAR Vice President Health Professionals in Rheumatology, speaks about how EULAR has brought benefit to all in the health professionals area.


Prof. Annamaria Iagnocco

Professor Annamaria Iagnocco, EULAR Chair Standing Committee Education and Training, speaks about the benefits EULAR brings to the world of rheumatology as the association reaches its 70th year. 


Prof. Marizio Cutolo

Professor Maurizio Cutolo, EULAR Past President, reflects on the association's past and welcomes its future 


Prof. Johannes Bijlsma

Professor Johannes Bijlsma, EULAR President elect, celebrates 70 years of EULAR: "Thirty years ago I saw wheelchairs everywhere in the department I worked in - today, I see none". Watch the video and find out how EULAR has contributed to this ground-breaking change for society at large.




Prof. Gerd Burmester

Professor Gerd Burmester, EULAR President, looks to 2017 – the year in which celebrations will take place to mark the 70th anniversary of EULAR's work in providing and facilitating high quality educational offering for physicians, health professionals in rheumatology and people with rheumatic and musculoskelatal diseases.


Prof. Iain McInnes

EULAR Treasurer Professor Iain McInnes wishes EULAR a very happy birthday on turning 70.