EULAR Ultrasound Course

The aim of this annual multi-level course is to cover the whole spectrum of conditions in which musculoskeletal Ultrasound (MSUS) could be used in rheumatology practice and research.

The advanced course (for up to 50 participants with considerable experience in MSUS) focuses on difficult issues within MSUS and emerging research fields in MSUS (contrast enhanced, 3D, quantification of inflammation). This includes time for discussion with expert rheumatologists and radiologists in MSUS.

The intermediate course (for up to 50 participants with some experience in MSUS) aims at consolidating standardised MSUS scanning methods according to EULAR guidelines, as well as describing and identifying musculoskeletal lesions/abnormalities by US and knowing the role of MSUS in different musculoskeletal pathologies (inflammatory, degenerative and/or traumatic). The standardised approach in the study of the various anatomic regions as well as the future development of US technique and its role as a research tool is discussed.

For colleagues interested in taking the basic level ultrasound course, please note that it is a EULAR recommendation to first complete the EULAR On-line Introductory Ultrasound Course which provides the basic knowledge in form of a 7 module online course including video clips and a final exam. A new online course starts each September.

NEW: The EULAR-PReS paediatric musculoskeletal ultrasound course,  is a combination of lectures and workshops on the principal applications of musculoskeletal ultrasound in children, ultrasound scanning of paediatric joints and basic ultrasound abnormalities in children with rheumatic diseases. The course is recommended to rheumatologists or paediatricians with special interets in paediatric musculoskeletal ultrasound.

Basic level ultrasound courses are also being offered by various national organisers throughout the year. Some of these local courses are awarded EULAR scientific endorsement if they fulfil the standard requirements set in the EULAR guidelines for endorsed courses.

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24th EULAR Ultrasound Courses

11 - 14 June 2017,
EULAR-PReS paed US course 12-14 June 2017,
All courses in Madrid, Spain

EULAR Competency Assessment

Since 2015 EULAR has established a Competency Assessment in Musculoskeletal Ultrasound.
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Preliminary programme

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Paediatric as PDF


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EULAR course bursaries

EULAR grants 20 bursaries in total to young rheumatologists attending the basic, intermediate, advanced level courses or the paediatrics US course to cover part of the attendance fee (1250EUR each).

Bursary application is also possible directly in on-line registration form:

EULAR Ultrasound advanced course
EULAR Ultrasound intermediate course
EULAR Ultrasound basic course
EULAR-PReS paediatric musculokeletal ultrasound course

Please note: You are only eligible for a bursary after your participation has been approved and confirmed. You will receive this information separately.

Applications for bursaries should include:

  • Curriculum vitae with date of birth
  • List of publications 

For technical reasons, EULAR will only be able to accept uploads in PDF format. Be sure to prepare all your required documents as PDF.

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