EULAR Course for Ultrasound Trainers in Rheumatology

In addition to the three-level ultrasound course, EULAR also offers a training programme for ultrasound trainers in rheumatology. The course will usually be held during two half-days prior to the EULAR Congress in the same city and accommodate some 35 participants. Participants should have attended the advanced EULAR Ultrasound Course first or have gained similar experience.

The course is mainly addressing rheumatologists who are planning to organise an ultrasound course under the auspices of EULAR and aims at improving teaching skills for both lectures and hands-on ultrasound workshops. Participants will also learn how to organise an ultrasound course and evaluate the skills of sonographers.

EULAR will grant approval for EULAR-endorsed Ultrasound Courses only if the organiser is a rheumatologist certified Level 2 and an established percent of their teachers/trainers have successfully attended the EULAR Ultrasound Trainers Course and are also Level 2 (please see requirements for EULAR-endorsed ultrasound courses).

Each EULAR course is designed and run by a local scientific organising committee; EULAR and/or an external organiser provide the organising secretariat for logistics and administrative matters.

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7th EULAR Course for Ultrasound Trainers in Rheumatology

9 -10 June 2018
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Price: Until 9 May 2018 - EUR 1200, from 10 May 2018, EUR 1300 (all inclusive)

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