EULAR On-line Course for Health Professionals - endorsed by Royal Dutch Society for Physical Therapy (KNGF) for 3 years

The EULAR On-line Course for Health Professionals is aimed at health professionals (HPs) who play an important role in the management of rheumatic conditions: e.g. nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists and psychologists.

It consists of a total of eight modules, four disease-specific modules (one on RA, one on OA, one on Fibromyalgia and one on regional musculoskeletal pain syndromes) and 4 generic modules (assessment and evaluation; interventions; psychosocial approaches and evidence-based practice). Care is given to integrate the multi disciplinary perspective of the treatment of rheumatic diseases.

The duration of the course is approx. nine months with an automatic free of charge extension of a second year if the modules are not completed or the exam not passed. A final examination is offered once a year and a EULAR certificate is issued upon passing the exam.

The EULAR online course for HPs was granted credits in the Netherlands by the accreditation committees of the following health professional disciplines: Physical Therapists (60 credits), Nurses (64 credits), Nurse Practitioners (50 credits) and Occupational Therapists, Exercise Therapists and Podiatrists (40 credits).

The on-line course was developed with a substantial grant from EULAR and is continuously highly subsidised by EULAR, so that the entire course can be offered at EUR 115 per participant. Discounted price for low and middle income countries with GDP below 10'000US$: EUR 86. Please refer to official list.

Please consider the EULAR Textbook on Rheumatic Diseases 2015 edition for only EUR 155 plus shipment (EUR 30). Please refer to the official list.

The course and Textbook can also be ordered directly with the online registration.


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3rd EULAR On-line Course for HPRs

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