EULAR Seminar on Teaching and Learning

EULAR launches this fundamental course for teachers,  trainers and mentors, to help them develop a new “EULAR teaching style and spirit” It is a way to train future leaders by enabling them to engage learners more effectively.
This seminar contains interactive lectures and debates as well as hands-on workshops given by educationalists or professionals with recognised skills. In order to benefit the most from this seminar, participants will be given some preparatory assignments.

This seminar will be video taped in full or partially, to be made available on the EULAR School platform.

Please feel invited to attend this seminar if you are:

Actively involved in teaching (EULAR may require proof of such activity) and have the following background:

  • rheumatologist
  • researcher
  • health professional
  • patients representative
  • EUMEUNET member

This seminar is planned for 50 attendees only. In case more people apply, organisers will select applicants based on the following criteria:

  • People already involved in EULAR educational activities.
  • Motivation letter (100 words), educational CV (to upload both during registration)
  • Stratification by backgrounds (quotas)

Attendance is free of charge including the hotel accommodation and all meals.

Related information

28–29 April, 2017 in Prague, CZ

Preliminary programme

Registration is now closed

Next course: to be advised

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