EULAR Textbook on Rheumatic Diseases

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Chap.  Topic  Edition 2012 Edition 2015     

Immunology of rheumatic diseases


Neuro-endocrine-immunology of rheumatic diseases

 3  Molecular and cellular biology of rheumatic diseases

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 4 Genetics of rheumatic diseases  No references  
 5 Approaches to Imaging of rheumatic diseases  References  
 6 Psycho-social approaches in rheumatic diseases  References  
 7 Diagnostic strategies  No references  
 8 Early arthritis  References  
 9 Rheumatoid arthritis: pathogenesis and clinical features  References  
 10 Rheumatoid arthritis: treatment  References  
 11 Spondylarthropathies: pathogenesis and clinical features  No references  
 12 Spondylarthropathies: treatment  References  
 13 Chrystal arthropathies  References  
 14 Infection and arthritis  References  
 15 Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (JIA)  References  
 16 Autoinflammatory syndromes  References  

Systemic consequences of inflammation

 18 Miscellaneous inflammatory arthritides  References  
 19 Connective tissue diseases: Concepts and overlap syndromes  References  
 20 Systemic lupus erythematosus: pathogenesis and clinical features  References  
 21 Systemic lupus erythematosus: treatment   References  
 22 Pregnancy in rheumatic diseases and the anti phospholipids syndrome  References  
 23 Systemic sclerosis  References  
 24 Polymyositis and dermatomyositis  No references  
 25 Sjögren's syndrome and lympho-proliferation in autoimmune diseases


 26 Vasculitis: classification, secondary forms and mimics  References  
 27 ANCA-associated vasculitis and polyarteritis nodosa  References  
 28 Polymyalgia Rheumatica  References  
 29 Behçet's disease, polychondritis and eye symptoms in rheumatic diseases   References  
 30 Osteoarthritis: pathogenesis and clinical features  References  
 31 Osteoarthritis: treatment  No references  
 32  Osteoporosis: pathogenesis and clinical features  References  
 33 Osteoporosis: treatment  References  
 34 Malignant bone diseases  References  
 35 Other bone diseases  References  
 36 Low back pain  References  
 37 Regional pain syndromes   References  
 38 Generalized pain syndromes  References  
 39 Systemic manifestations of primary immune deficiencies  References  
 40 Rheumatic manifestations of systemic diseases  References  
 41 Rheumatic manifestations of tropical diseases  No references  
 42  Cryoglobulinemia and hepatitis C virus  References  
 43 The skin and rheumatic diseases  No references  
 44 Measuring disease activity and damage in arthritis  References  
 45 Impact of the rheumatic diseases   References  
 46 Critical appraisal of evidence  No references  
 47 Rehabilitation in rheumatic diseases  References  
 48 Pain: mechanisms and management  References  
 49 Glucocorticoids in rheumatic diseases  References  
 50 Cell and gene therapy  No references