EMEUNET – EMerging EUlar NETwork

EMEUNET is an exciting venture that was started in 2009, emanating from one of the eight objectives set by EULAR for 2012 – "Bring on board high quality, young generation contributors in all EULAR activities".

This statement was seized upon as an opportunity to address educational needs and promote research interests of aspiring young academics through the creation and development of a Europe-wide network of young rheumatologists. The mission was to form a EULAR working group of young clinicians and researchers in rheumatology, which would move forward education, mentoring and research in Europe, widening collaborations and integrating with EULAR activities. EMEUNETs first meeting was held at EULAR 2009 in Copenhagen.

EMEUNET targeted young people from a wide range of countries already active in rheumatology research and EULAR activities to form a working group to develop ideas and formulate a clear strategy for EMEUNET. Later on, the working group was organised in 7 subgroups taking care of education, mentoring, the newsletters, the webpage, visibility, country liaisons and global affairs. A considerable amount of planning and work within EMEUNET takes place in the various subgroups of the working group. Information on the work of the subgroups and of EMEUNET activities is disseminated among young rheumatologists/researchers via website, newsletters, Facebook, Twitter and through a system of country liaisons who serve as a link between the working group and EMEUNET members in EULAR member countries.

EMEUNET will continue to be embraced by the young rheumatology community and more and more of young rheumatologists become involved in rheumatology education, research and EULAR, making EMEUNET a successful and influential resource that fosters new and long-term collaborative endeavors and reassures that excellence in European Rheumatology and EULAR is maintained.

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Database access:

Registered EMEUNET members are granted access to a searchable database of all members, allowing them to establish research collaborations and share information. Registered members also have the opportunity to take part in mentoring, educational and networking activities and may annually apply to working group membership, where as broad a representation within EULAR countries as possible is ensured.