Standing Committee on Epidemiology and Health Services

The committee meets annually at the EULAR Congress when the national representatives, together with other interested individuals, meet to discuss potential ideas and outline national areas of interest and concern. Furthermore, individuals within member countries propose ideas which may be worked up to a formal proposal for further consideration. The chairman will also liaise with relevant individuals and is happy to receive suggestions for developing other areas for action.

The standing committee will present any proposals for funding to the EULAR Executive Committee for approval at one of its yearly meetings, in general in March or September. Proposals for courses must in addition be reviewed by the Standing Committee for Education and Training.

Many of the areas of interest of the standing committee overlap with those of other standing committees, particularly the Standing Committee for Clinical Affairs. For instance when it comes to developing criteria and other methodological areas in clinical outcome studies. There is excellent communication between the two standing committees and the choice of which takes the lead for a particular cross-standing-committee initiative is decided on a case by case basis.

The standing committee has the following goals:

  1. Contributing towards the epidemiological and health services research content and quality of the annual congress,
  2. Providing statistics and figures that may be useful to strengthen the role of EULAR in Europe and in the world,
  3. Facilitating the tools and the workforce for epidemiological and clinical research,
  4. Training rheumatologists in member countries in epidemiological methods both for population and clinical based studies,
  5. Undertaking collaborative studies between countries both in developing methodologies for collaborative  studies and in collecting data which can address key issues of concern.

Chair: Dr. Pedro Machado, UK
Chair-elect: Dr. Anna Molto, France

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Contact for annual congress meeting

The chair of the standing committee to whom all enquiries should be made about attendance and the timings of the meeting at the annual congress is Pedro Machado, UK:

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