EULAR Registers and Observational Drug Studies (RODS)

This open congress has the aim to discuss both practical and theoretical issues around running registers and longitudinal observational drug studies, generating output and understanding their results.

The annual / biennial meeting will provide an opportunity for networking and development of international collaborative studies. It will furthermore explore issues throughout the lifespan of studies, from first thoughts around establishing a register, practicalities such as funding, bio-banking and informatics, through methods of data collection, opportunities for harmonizing practice, analysis methodology, to the interpretation and dissemination of results.

Please, be invited if you fall under any of the following groups and have an interest in registers and longitudinal observational drug studies:

  • Experienced drug register researchers
  • Early-career investigators
  • Regulators and pharmaceutical companies
  • Clinicians, health professionals, and patients
  • Beyond European rheumatology: international rheumatology and other disease areas

Related information

EULAR meeting bursaries

EULAR grants 10 bursaries at 400 EUR to cover part of the registration fee to young rheumatologists.
Applications for bursaries should include:

  • Curriculum vitae with date of birth
  • List of publications

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