2017 activities

‘Don’t Delay, Connect Today’ is a EULAR Campaign that, for the first time, engages all three EULAR pillars – patient organisations (PARE), health professional associations and scientific communities.

Rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases (RMDs) often receive delayed or no diagnosis.
Early diagnosis is key to preventing further damage, but RMDs often receive delayed or no diagnosis.This is often due to a lack of awareness, reducing peoples' quality of life and affecting physical abilities.

The EULAR Campaign aims to raise awareness of the importance of early diagnosis in preventing further damage to those living with RMDs, and to encourage timely access to evidence-based treatment.

World Arthritis Day 2017


Campaign launch, EULAR Annual Congress 2017, Madrid, Spain

The EULAR Campaign, Don't Delay, Connect Today, was officially launched at the international level during the EULAR Annual Congress in June 2017 in Madrid, Spain. Read the press release by clicking here. To mark the occassion, a publicity stunt was held on 13 June 2017 at the Spanish Atocha Train Station in Madrid. Watch the video here:

Pre-launch at the Portuguese Parliament, Lisbon, Portugal

A pre-launch event was held at the Portuguese Parliament in February, 2017. A EULAR delegation (image) met with members of the Portuguese Parliament to discuss the urgent need to implement early diagnosis and access to care in RMDs in Portugal. Read the press release by clicking here



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