Have a look at the booklet of the italian Rheumadays 2019 here.

Activities in 2019

In 2019, the theme of the EULAR Campaign is Time2Work.



On 4-5 May in Italy the Italian Society of Rheumatologists (SIR) in collaboration with ANMAR started the national campaign #ReumaDays 2019 - SIR meets the citizens in 11 cities (Torino, Genova, Roma, Napoli, Catania, Cosenza, Bari, Ferrara, Mantova, Trento, Varese - arranged by date). In each event, special info points were installed, where rheumatologists met citizens, distributing booklets. There was the possibility to have an interview with a doctor and there were practical demonstrations of diagnostic tests.

The campaign will end on June 6th, just a week before the next EULAR Congress.

ANMAR will take part at the campaign in all the cities with volunteers coming from the respective Regional association federated, presenting its own educational material and speaking with the citizens.

Furthermore in these days the ANMAR survey on the effects of RMDs on workability and work in Italy was opened, updating data collected in Fit for Work Italy. A special questionnaire has been delivered on the ANMAR website and everyone is called to answer it.

ANMAR and its Regional associations are supporting the national campaign on the women health, taking part in several events with speeches and volunteers.

Please find:

The press release link to the press release of SIR in the Italian language: https://www.reumatologia.it/news.asp

URL of our campaign on the SIR website: https://www.reumatologia.it/reumadays2019


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