Activities in 2019

In 2019, the theme of the EULAR Campaign is Time2Work.

Activities in 2018

The ‘Don’t Delay, Connect Today’ campaign has been successfully implemented in Romania with a series of activities. Some of them took place on 19 April and others are ongoing until the end of 2018, all organised by the Romanian League against Rheumatism (LRR), the Romanian society for Rheumatology and the Romanian Association of Medical Partners for Rheumatology.

Don't Delay, Connect Today

For the launch event on 19 April, a conference was organised in the Central University library of Bucharest on RMDs. It was attended by EULAR executives, authorities, health professionals and patients, who all came together to discuss the topic of early diagnosis and the impact on society, as well as the lives of people living with RMDs. Further, a series of awareness events in two shopping centers in Bucharest (AFI Cotroceni – April, 19th and Mall Promenada – April 20th) took place where people had the opportunity to find out more about RMDs by coming to the clock-shaped stand and asking questions or taking leaflets. A video will also be posted on the LRR’s website, You Tube and social media. Furthermore, a section in the website http://reumatism.ro/ will be developed for one year under the topic of the campaign together with a dedicated Facebook page, aiming to inform and encourage people with RMDs and the general public about RMDs.

The aims of the campaign are to increase awareness of the symptoms of RMDs so that people immediately go to their GP or rheumatologist for a consultation, diagnosis and treatment. All in order to break down the barriers that currently stand in the way of early diagnosis.