The Don’t Delay, Connect Today campaign will be implemented in Cyprus by a series of events which will take place in Spring time 2018 and they will peak during the ‘’Awareness week for RMDs’’ organised in the second week of May by the Cyprus League Against Rheumatism (Cyplar) in cooperation with the University of Nicosia.

Through media and advertising the slogan Don’t Delay, Connect Today (translated in Greek) the public will be prepared for the campaign. At the second stage, the patient representatives, rheumatologists and health professionals will attend media talk shows, TV and radio broadcasts and will write articles in press in order to inform the public about RMDs and the importance of early diagnosis and access to the appropriate treatment.

Policy makers will be involved in a press conference and workshops will take place during the Awareness week for RMDs across Cyprus. A Rheuma-Truck which is a truck/bus equipped as a mobile clinic, staffed with  health care professional will be moving in several places in Cyprus to examine people. The truck is provided by the University of Nicosia and it will attract people’s attention with several happenings such as flash mobs, teaser videos and technical effects. An online survey will be available for 60 days to explore the public awareness of rheumatic diseases and their symptoms.

The aims is of this campaign are to create awareness about RMDs to the public and involve the public, to encourage the people affected with RMDs to establish a good communication with their health care professionals, to lobby the policy makers to implement measures and strategies such as the early arthritis clinics in order to promote the early diagnosis and early access to the appropriate treatment.