The Don’t Delay, Connect Today campaign will be implemented in Poland through a series of 12 short videos during 2018 and through a short booklet with useful information about RMDs, specially for people with RMDs, produced by the Polish Rheuma Federation.

The videos will give short messages about early diagnosis with the focus on the problems of the feet affected by rheumatic diseases and how to prevent disability. Each video will give a different perspective by a different professional like podologist, rheumatologist, physiotherapist e.t.c.

The aim is to support efforts in shortening the delays in diagnosis of a rheumatic diseases and make it possible from the onset of the first symptoms.

The videos will be in Polish, distributed through the social media and the website of the Polish Rheuma Federation addressing mainly the public in Poland but they will be subtitled in English in order to be shared outside Poland as well. The booklet will be shared online but also in hard copies at the National meeting in Rheumatology in September 2018.

More information and the videos will soon be available.