The Don’t Delay, Connect Today campaign is being implemented in Malta through a series of activities within 2018 culminating on 12 October 2018. The activities will be organised by the Arthritis and Rheumatism Association in Malta (ARAM) in coordination with the Malta College of Family doctors, with Malta Rheumatologist Association, Malta Health Network and Malta Health Allied Professionals.

They will be organised on TV and radio Health programmes and road shows in the villages of Malta to create awareness amongst the general public and patients about the importance of early referral to the doctors on rheumatic diseases. A series of 5 e-learning videos addressing people with RMDs and the public will be produced and also two articles will be written by rheumatologists on the topic in the media.

Malta College of Family Doctors will conduct a short course on Rheumatology in Primary care from September to December 2018. VIPs stakeholders will be involved in the activities like Prof Andrew Borg, Minister of Health – Mr Chris Fearne, Ms Sina Bugeja also from the Ministry of Health.

The aims of the campaign are to empower family doctors to ask for symptoms and listen to patients’ complaints in relation to rheumatic disorders, they need to evaluate all the early clinical signs and symptoms to pick the right patient for early referral.

For more information please contact aramalta@gmail.com.