Hand in Hand - together against rheumatism: Don't Delay, Connect Today in Belgium

The EULAR Campaign was officially launched at the Belgian Federal Parliament in February 2018 in Brussels. Attended by members of parliament and the media, the launch included an exhibition with real-life plaster hand and foot prints showed the importance of early diagnosis versus late diagnosis.Read more about the Belgium event here! The campaign will continue with the exhibition moving to different parts of Belgium every two to three weeks and finish with an event at the Brussels airport on 12 October 2018.

Run to Connect!

Join and support Claudine Goyens' Run to Connect project!

On the occassion of the Ostend Night run 22nd of September 2018, more than 70 brave people run & support the Run To Connect project. This great initiative promotes the EULAR campaign 'Don't Delay, Connect Today', raising awareness about rheumatic diseases and to emphasize the importance of early diagnosis and access to proper care. So YES let’s do this!

The invitation is open to everyone --> run to connect invitation

You can give your support in different ways:

  • Either by running during the Ostend Night Run: In a T-shirt of the “Don’t Delay, Connect Today” campaign. Before the run, a picture will be taken from the enthusiastic team to send throughout the world. It will be a great way to enhance visibility of the campaign. After the picture each can run at its own pace and distance.
  • Or as an encourager along the trail:Encouragement would be great and also pretty necessary. Also not runners are more than welcome to be on the picture with the runners. The more, the better.