Scotland, UK

Activities in 2018

The Don’t Delay, Connect Today campaign cycled to heights in Scotland, organised by the University of Glasgow and the National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society (NRAS).

A sponsored 185-mile cycle challenge took the team across 10 of the outer Hebridean islands. Public engagement and awareness raising events at popular tourist landmarks and local towns were organised. The team includes consultant rheumatologists, academic clinicians, scientists, PhD students and public engagement professionals from the Glasgow Science Centre.

Aim of the Campaign

The aim is to engage with those who would not normally have the opportunity to talk to rheumatology specialists or scientists, at public engagement events, due to geographical location.

Through this engagement they highlighted the importance of identifying early signs of musculoskeletal disease along with early treatment, hopefully encouraging people to connect with the rheumatology services if required.

The activities took place in May 2018 and ended on 18 May at Stornoway the last stop of the cycle route with a celebratory finishing event.