The title of the campaign in Serbian is ‘’No delay, let’s act today SPOT EARLY’’ and involve patients, rheumatologist, health professional and GPs and the general public. Educational activities in Serbia are organised by the Association of Rheumatic Diseases Patients of the Republic of Serbia (ORS) in collaboration with Rheumatology Association of Serbia (RAS) and the Serbian Association of Health in Rheumatology (SAHPR).

News are disseminated via on the following website http://ors.rs/ne-odlazi-uoci-rano/ and via social media as well as at the National Annual Congress.

The aims are to

  • to improve knowledge and skills necessary to early diagnosis of Chronic inflammatory Arthitis diseases like RA, AS, PsA etc.
  • ensure timely access to the appropriate treatment that will improve their condition.
  • educate primary care doctors on how to recognise early enough the first signs of the above diseases and refer their patient to the appropriate specialists.

Latest actions:

  • On 31st May a press conference was held, led by a very famous Serbian journalist Ivana Bozovic. The campaign appeared in three TV stations following the event
  • On 25th June an educational second course in Nis, was organised.

Next steps:

  • course in Novi Sad (north of Serbia) on 11th September,
  • course in Vrnjacka Banja (Central Serbia) on 14th September,
  • Lecture on “ Don’t Delay Connect Today” campaign within joint session at the RAS/ORS Congress on 15th September.