Activities 2019

In 2019, the theme of the EULAR Campaign is Time2Work.

Watch the russian campaign video here: 


The russian patient organization made a Facebook group for people with RMDs, where they write about diseases, diagnostics and treatment strategies, tell patients how to find a good doctor and also about patient’s lifestyle.


The russian patent organization made YouTube-channel, where rheumatologists talk about different important things like planning a pregnancy when you have RMDs, vaccinations and autoimmune diseases. Even about some issues in regards to tattoos for people with RMDs .



Aims of the campaign and russian organization

They help people with RMDs to protect their patient rights. For the last year they've reviewed more than 500 applications regarding violations of rights in different cases.

All-Russian rheumatological association for disabled people ‘Nadezhda’ (‘Hope’) was founded in 2006. It has 49 regional offices and 2000 members. You can join it if you’re patient, patient’s relative or volunteer.

‘Nadezhda’ provides patients with information and social support. They develop special courses for people with RMDs and help to protect patient’s rights. They also made up and printed a lot of special booklets for each rheumatic disease — about diagnostics, treatment, diet, exercises and so on.


‘Revmofactor’ is a new media project of ‘Nadezhda’.

We raise awareness of RMDs among the Russian people. Everyone knows about cancer, AIDS, diabetes, but many Russians never heard about RMDs. 

We write articles for Russian media, tell our stories to journalists. The more you know about disease — the sooner you visit rheumatologist. The sooner you start treatment — the more effective it's likely to be.