Strategic objectives 2017

EULAR enters 2013 invigorated by a new strategy that encompasses seven strategic objectives underpinned with a number of more specific concrete goals. These will guide our programmes, activities and thinking in the next five years. The new strategy builds on all important aspects of EULAR that have formed its past success, while adding a nudge here or giving a new twist there. Under the leadership of President Maxime Dougados EULAR strategy development was designed as an embracing process, involving as many constituencies as possible.

Vision 2020 owes much to its predecessor, the first EULAR strategy running from 2007 to 2012. "Mobilizing the Planet", as the strategy was labelled, was initiated and guided by the then President Ferdinand C. Breedveld. In retrospect, there is little doubt that much of what EULAR has achieved or launched in recent years has seen its origin in the strategy 2012. This was expressed by a survey we made towards the end of 2011 gathering responses from a large and diverse group of people: the "creators" of strategy 2012, 47 national member societies, and some 500 rheumatologists attending the EULAR congress 2011. The survey also generated lots of ideas and opinions suggesting where EULAR should be heading in the coming years. And this feedback served as fertile soil where the new strategy was grown.

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