The structure of EULAR

EULAR is a truly pan-European organisation fostering a multitude of activities in areas of research, patient care, and education. To manage and promote its goals effectively, EULAR has set up a structure of committees and managerial bodies.

The General Assembly is the highest authority of EULAR. It is composed of both member organisations and corporate members’ delegates and the members of the Executive Committee. The General Assembly meets once a year on the occasion of the Annual European Congress of Rheumatology.

The Executive Committee is the managing body of EULAR and deals with scientific, educational, administrative, financial and organisational matters. Members, elected by the delegates at the EULAR General Assembly, serve for 2 - 4 years and meet three times a year. View the EULAR Executive Committee list.

The Scientific Programme Committee is responsible for the scientific and educational content of the annual congress and the organisation of all related sessions. This also includes PARE and health professional sessions, prepared by dedicated working groups in the PARE and Health Professional Standing Committees.
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View the EULAR Scientific Programme Committee list.

The EULAR Standing Committees are set up to manage and perform the various activities of EULAR on behalf of the Executive Committee. Currently, eight standing committees are in place, covering the major areas of activity of EULAR.

The EULAR Secretariat, located in Kilchberg, Switzerland, fulfils many functions: in addition to serving EULAR’s member organisations and its Executive Committee, the Secretariat’s main functions are to run the growing education programme and to organize the Annual European Congress of EULAR.

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