EULAR Task Forces 

It is EULAR's objective to promote task forces aimed at elaborating recommendations in the field of rheumatology

EULAR task forces are experienced investigators in Rheumatology. There are seven areas of focus, listed below (Clinical Affairs, Epidemiology and Health Services, Health Professionals, Investigative Rheumatology, PARE People with Arthirtis and Rheumatism, Paediatric Rheumatology). Click on one of the hyperlinks below in order to go directly to a specific taskforce.

Each task force is connected to and supported by a EULAR Committee. Each committee is entitled to apply for EULAR endorsement, and also apply for EULAR task force members (see related information).


Call for Task Force members

We look for experienced investigators in the mentioned fields of rheumatology. To apply as task force member, please send your one-page letter of interest to participate and a short CV to Simona Lupatin ( 

EULAR SOP for EULAR Recommendations/Points to Consider selection of task force members (PDF)

Call closure 23 April 2021


  • QoC 001 - 2022 update of the ASAS/EULAR recommendations for the management of axial spondyloarthritis, 2021-22
    Convenor: D. van der Heijde/S- Ramiro
  • QoC 002 - EULAR Points to Consider for the definition of clinical and imaging features suspicious for progression to psoriatic arthritis, 2021-22
    Convenor: D. McGonagle/J. Smolen
  • QoC 003 - EULAR points to consider on the initiation of targeted therapies in patients with inflammatory arthritides and a recent history of cancer, 2021-22
    Convenor: J.-E. Gottenberg
  • HPR 052 - EULAR points to consider/recommendations for the management of fatigue in people with inflammatory rheumatic diseases
    Convenor: Dures-Machado

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The EULAR Committees regularly establish and publish recommendations for the treatment of various rheumatic disorders. Each of these recommendations are developed by a Task Force of specialists in their field.

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