EULAR HPR: The EULAR health professionals research grant

General information

  • Every year EULAR funds one health professional research project in the field of rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases (RMDs) that is in line with the mission, objectives and goals of EULAR. Projects will be funded up to a maximum of EUR 30,000.
  • Recipients of a research grant must submit a mid-term report to the scientific sub-committee of the EULAR HPR on the progress of the research project.
  • After completion of the project the recipients must report to the EULAR Council on the results achieved. Furthermore, the recipients are expected to present their project in the EULAR HPR newsletter and may be invited to present their findings at the annual EULAR Congress.

Evaluation critieria

  • Involvement of at least three European countries
  • Relation to ongoing EULAR projects in the same area described, if applicable
  • HPR project leader (EULAR HPR definition does not include medical doctors) with experience and academic credentials of relevance to the proposed study
  • Quality of the work plan including background and rationale, accuracy of study aim and research questions, design and methodology
  • Overall scientific value
  • Relevance for EULAR HPRs (i.e. how the project may improve the non-pharmacological management of patients in a short and/or long-term perspective, and/or whether the project may foster the development of a research network of relevance for the future beyond the period of the project)
  • Patient centered approach
  • Feasibility of the study within the planned timeframe
  • Budget realistic for the planned project 
  • Research transferrable throughout Europe
  • Realistic plan for dissemination and implementation of the research results
  • Preference will be given to investigators/main applicants who are "younger"/less advanced in their research careers. We recommend more experienced researchers to take on seniors positions in a project consortium.

Related information

Application overview

The application process is now closed

Application process

Applicants must complete the official application form (including detailed budget), and include the full CV of the project leader as well as a project plan. For further instructions see the official application form.

Applications will be evaluated by two members of the scientific sub-committee of the EULAR HPRs. Applicants will be informed by e-mail after the EULAR Council meeting in March of that year.

The process for research grants opens in October each year.

Research grant application form

Research Grant Projects

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