EULAR Task Force Ongoing Initiatives

  • QoC001 2022 update of the ASAS/EULAR recommendations for the management of axial spondyloarthritis, 2021-22
    D. van der Heijde/S- Ramiro

  • QoC002 - EULAR Points to Consider for the definition of clinical and imaging features suspicious for progression to psoriatic arthritis, 2021-22D
    McGonagle/J. Smolen

  • QoC003 - EULAR points to consider on the initiation of targeted therapies in patients with inflammatory arthritides and a recent history of cancer, 2021-22 
    J.-E. Gottenberg

  • QoC004 - Development of EULAR/ACR Criteria for Disease Activity and Response in Giant Cell Arteritis
    Dejaco, Langford

  • QoC006 - Development and Validation of a EULAR disease activity score in Antiphospholipid syndrome
    M. Tektonidou

  • QoC007 - Recommendations for a core data set to support translational and observational research and clinical care in systemic lupus erythematosus
    M. Schneider

  • QoC008 - Update of the 2016 EULAR recommendations for the management of ANCA-associated vasculitis
    B. Hellmich

  • QoC009 - EULAR recommendations for the Management of Rheumatoid Arthritis: 2022 Update
    J. Smolen

  • QoC010 - Update of EULAR recommendations for the treatment of Systemic Sclerosis
    Y. Allanore, F. Del Galdo

  • CLI124 - EULAR points to consider for remote care in rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases RMDs
    Christian Dejaco and Annette de Turah

  • CLI123 - Update of the EULAR 2020 provisional recommendations for the management of RMDs in the context of SARS-CoV-2

  • CLI121 - Classification Criteria for pediatric chronic recurrent multifocal osteomyelitis (CRMO) joint call 2019 (ACR/EULAR joint project)
    Seza Özen Yongdong Zhao

  • CLI119 - Joint EULAR/ERS diagnostic and therapeutic approach of interstitial lung disease in connective tissue diseases
    Anna-Maria Hoffmann-Vold

  • CLI118 - EULAR recommendations for screening and prophylaxis for opportunistic and chronic infectious diseases
    Kimme Hyrich

  • CLI117 - EULAR Classification criteria for haemochromatosis arthropathy
    Patrick Kiely

  • CLI116ACR - EULAR Classification Criteria for Calcium Pyrophosphate Depostion Disease (CPDD)
    Hyon Choi / Abhishek Abhishek

  • CLI114 - Therapeutic Drug Monitoring of Biopharmaceuticals in Rheumatology
    John Isaacs

  • CLI113 - Development And Validation of a EULAR disease activity score in adult onset Still’s Disease: the “DAVID” project
    Roberto Giacomelli

  • CLI112 - EULAR Recommendations for cardiovascular risk management in Rheumatic and Musculoskeletal Diseases (including SLE and the antiphospholipid syndrome)
    Michael Nurmohamed / Maria Tektonidou

  • CLI108 - EULAR-ACR Classification Criteria for Antisynthetase Syndrome (CLASS)
    Aggarwal Rohit (ACR), Cavagna Lorenzo (EULAR)

  • CLI107 - ACR/EULAR Classification Criteria for Antiphospholipid Syndrome
    Doruk Erkan (ACR), Stephan Zuily (EULAR)

  • CLI100 - Development of EULAR points to consider/recommendations for including the perspective of young patients with inflammatory arthritis into patient-reported outcomes measures
    Paul Studenic

  • CLI098 - ACR-EULAR Criteria for Treatment Response for ANCA‐Associated Vasculitis
    Peter Merkel, Gunnar Tomasson

  • CLI088 - The Development of New Classification Criteria for Hand Osteoarthritis
    Margreet Kloppenburg

  • CLI083 - Development and validation of EULAR Systemic Sclerosis Impact of Disease (EULAR ScleroID) score
    Oliver Distler / T. Heiberg

  • IMG017 - EULAR Recommendations for the use of imaging in crystal-induced arthropathies in clinical practice
    Peter Mandl

  • IMG016 - EULAR recommendations for the use of imaging to guide interventional procedures in patients with Rheumatic and Musculoskeletal Diseases (RMD)
    Christian Dejaco

  • IMG015 - Guide/Recommendations for The Conduct, Content and Format of EULAR/PReS Paediatric Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Courses
    Silvia Magni-Manzoni

  • IMG013 - Imaging: EULAR Recommendations for the use of imaging in patient with mechanical back pain
    Gilles Fournier

  • CLI086 / IMG009 - Imaging: EULAR definition of Rheumatoid Arthritis Bone Erosion
    Frédérique Grandjbakhch, Georg Schett

  • CLI076 / IMG006 - Imaging: Development of a standardized training model for ultrasound-guided synovial biopsy’s in small and large joints
    Esperanza Naredo, Ingrid Möller ex Kelly

  • CLI050 /IMG003 - Imaging: EULAR recommendations /criteria for the appropriate use of musculoskeletal ultrasound in rheumatology clinical practice (Imaging)
    Maria-Antonietta d'Agostino

  • RES001 - EULAR Points to consider on risk stratification of populations for RA prevention studies, 2021-22
    A. van der Helm

  • EPI024 - EULAR Task Force to establish the evidence base and need for a EULAR Women’s Network for Clinical Academics (EULAR Task force for Gender Equity in Academic rheumatology (EULAR GEAR)
    Laura Coates

  • EPI023 - EULAR standardised operating procedures for implementing recommendations
    Estibaliz Loza

  • EPI020 - EULAR points to consider when analysing and reporting comparative effectiveness research with observational data in rheumatology
    D. Courvoisier, Axel Finckh, and Robert Landewé

  • EPI019 - 3rd RODs meeting Amsterdam
    Elena Nickiphorou, Loreto Carmona

  • EPI018 - EULAR Points to consider for lifestyle behaviour to prevent progression of Rheumatic and Musculoskeletal Diseases
    Suzan Verstappen

  • EPI010 - Tool Box
    Loreto Carmona (Sofia Ramiro is the new responsible since 2019)

  • EPI009 - Patient reported outcome initiative (PRO call)
    Deborah Symmons, Loreto Carmona

  • SCI020 - EULAR points to consider for minimal reporting requirements in synovial tissue clinical applications and research in rheumatology
    Andrew Filer, Aurélie Najm

  • SCI019 - EULAR recommendations/point to consider points to consider for the measurement and reporting of interferon activity in clinical research and future clinical application
    Edward Vital

  • SCI016 - EULAR recommendations for the use and interpretation of laboratory diagnostic tests for the management of systemic autoimmune rheumatic diseases
    Johan Rönnelid, Pier Luigi Meroni

  • SCI015 - Characterization of new tentative international reference reagents for clinical laboratory immunology/rheumatology analyses
    Johan Rönnelid

  • HPR055 - Update of the EULAR recommendations for non-pharmacological core management of hip and knee osteoarthritis
    N. Østerås

  • HPR054 - Translation of two upcoming recommendations with high relevance for HPRs into 6 languages and disseminate them in at least 8 countries:
    Translation & development of national quality improvement plans

    HPR: A.-K. Rausch

  • HPR053 - Online Course: Evidence Based Practice for HPR in rheumatology -
    from the database to EULAR recommendations. A journey through the body of evidence

    HPR: M. Testa, V. Ritschel

  • HPR052 - EULAR points to consider/recommendations for the management of fatigue in people with inflammatory rheumatic diseases
    E. Durres

  • HPR051 - EULAR Implementation of a mobile health app for the self-management of juvenile-onset rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases during transitional care: a patient-centered approach. The Move-Up implementation project
    Fernando Estévez-López

  • HPR048 - Defining and optimising the use of qualitative research in the development of EULAR recommendations/points to consider
    Annette de Thurah

  • HPR047 - Increasing work participation across Europe, part II
    Ross Wilkie

  • HPR046 - EULAR recommendations/points to consider for the non-pharmacological management of connective tissue diseases with focus on systemic lupus erythematosus and systemic sclerosis
    Carina Boström

  • HPR044 - Increasing work participation across Europe
    Ross Wilkie

  • HPR043 - Implementation of Physical Activity into routine Clinical pracTice in Rheumatic Musculoskeletal Disease: The IMPACT-RMD study
    Georg Metsios

  • HPR042 - Implementation of EULAR Education for HPR in Eastern European countries
    Thea Vliet Vlieland

  • HPR041 - People with RMDs will act as multipliers to support others to stay in or return to paid and unpaid work
    Erika Mosor

  • HPR040 - Assessing the implementation of the EULAR recommendations for patient education for people with inflammatory arthritis across Europe
    Mwidimi Ndosi

  • EDU049 - School Fellows Classroom: EULAR standards for the training of European rheumatologists

  • PAF001 - Points to consider RMDs & Work – Policy recommendations for improved working conditions
    Suzanne Verstappen, Annelies Boonen

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