Paediatric rheumatology: Onoging initiatives

Clinical care of children and young people with rheumatic disease

The standing committee will continue to have an overview of the standards of clinical care provided in paediatric rheumatology centres in Europe and beyond. It is recognised that the provision of such care will continue to involve networks of health care professionals and will cross boundaries between paediatrics and adult care for the foreseeable future. An approved system for accreditation and re-validation of health professionals with expertise in paediatric rheumatology will continue to be a priority.

Education and training in paediatric rheumatology

The planning and endorsement of educational courses is an important activity of the standing committee. The latest initiative is the EULAR/PReS On-line Course in Paediatric Rheumatology which represents a joint effort of EULAR and the Paediatric Rheumatology European Society (PRES). It consists of 10 modules, each dedicated to a specific topic.

Research and knowledge transfer

It is increasingly recognised that many of the origins of adult diseases are based in the childhood years.  A strategic and well structured combined approach to researching such origins is vital to the health of future generations. Supporting collaborative, multi-centre, long-term longitudinal research networks is becoming one of the most important tasks of the Standing Committee of Paediatric Rheumatology. Examples include the PRINTO network and CARRA. The PRINTO website documents ongoing clinical trials in PReS.