National organisations of people with arthritis/rheumatism

EULAR supports the development of user-led organisations on a national as well as on an international level. Its members are organisations which support people with arthritis/rheumatism on a national level. The organisations differ across Europe in terms of size, structure and activities, but work with and for people with arthritis/rheumatism in that country. Activities may include lobbying at the national level, e.g., raising awareness of the disease, defending the civil rights of people with arthritis, or having access to the latest and most appropriate treatments.

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The national organisations of people with arthritis/rheumatism also provide information on the different conditions specifically developed for a non-medical audience, and they offer contacts between people with the same problems caused by their disease. Many of them provide a variety of services for patients, e.g. self-help groups, physiotherapy, social programmes, psychological assistance, information, events with specialists, telephone help lines, self-management promotion, etc. Some members are (umbrella organisations) bringing together self-help groups for people with different musculoskeletal conditions.

The national organisations of people with arthritis/rheumatism are represented within the EULAR Executive Committee: the EULAR Vice President representing national organisations is elected by the EULAR General Assembly; the other representative for patients is the chairman of the PARE Standing Committee who is nominated by the national member organisations for ratification at the EULAR General Assembly.

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Standing Committee of PARE
Within EULAR, the national organisations of people with arthritis/rheumatism across Europe work together and develop activities through their standing committee.
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