EULAR Awards: Stene Prize

Every year, EULAR and the Standing Committee of PARE offer the Edgar Stene Prize for the best essay on a previously determined topic. The winner receives a prize money of EUR 1'000, is awarded during the Opening Plenary Session at the Annual EULAR Congress and is invited to the congress dinner. In addtion, travel costs to the congress and four nights accommodation are covered by EULAR. The second and third winner receives a prize money of EUR 700 and EUR 300 respectively.

The national organisations of people with arthritis/rheumatism invite all people with RMDs in their countries to participate in the competition by writing and submitting an essay on the topic of the year. Essays may be written in any national language and should not exceed two typewritten pages. Employees of the national patient organisations or scientific societities/health professional societies are excluded.

The best entry from each country will be submitted for the final decision made by the jury elected by the PARE Standing Committee.

Winners of the Stene Prize


Winner:  Magdalena Misuno, Poland
"My personal champion – supporting my everyday life with a rheumatic and musculoskeletal disease"


Stefanie Hulst, The Netherlands
"Diagnosis from the perspective of a child"


Simon Stones, UK
"Living with a rheumatic or musculoskeletal disease (RMD): How I take action to enjoy life to the full"


Charlotte Secher Jensen, Denmark
"Taking control of my life - working together with health professionals to achieving my personal goals"


Marinka Stein Due Sørensen, Denmark
"Vision 2043 - my ideal world for people with a rheumatic or musculoskeletal disease"


Mette Toft, Denmark
"Growing up or growing older - my secret for healthy ageing with a rheumatic or musculoskeletal disease"


Raijna Heimonen, Finland
"Overcoming the challenges of getting around with a rheumatic or musculoskeletal disease"


Lill Due, Norway
"How Exercise improves my Life with a Rheumatic Disease"


Karin Nørgaard, Denmark
"Working with a Rheumatic Disease - My Daily Reality"


Emmi Myöhänen, Finland
"My rare condition"


Lena Andersen, Denmark
"The small things in life matter"


Monika King, Switzerland
Essay on coping with fatigue and tiredness of arthritis/rheumatism: 
"My tiredness - an encounter"


Nanna Valentin Gaarde, Denmark
"Is it easy to get an appropriate job? Strategies/My Experiences"


Frances Bell, United Kingdom
"The long way to acceptance of my chronic diseas"


Erzsebet Bernscherer, Denmark
"How do you expect modern IT Technology to be of any use to rheumatics in the future?"


Monique Faure, France
"The every day life of a young person with arthritis from childhood to adolescence"


Mona Rasmussen, Denmark
"How I deep my sense of humor and enjoyment of life despite a rheumatic disorder"


Krystyna Baziuk, Poland
"What has helped me mostly in controlling my illness?"


Aleksandra Drogi, Poland
"The rheumatic person in the family"


Karin Heramb, Denmark
No topic 


J.M. Tuin-Brouwer, Netherlands

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