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Need to know: Biosimilars

Professor Hans Bijlsma, EULAR President, talks with Mr Dieter Wiek, Vice President PARE, about what a biosimilar is, the development of biosimilars since market introduction and what expectations can be held of biosimilars and their effectiveness.


Guide to Conducting Media Interviews

If you are a national member organisation of PARE there is a good chance you will either be contacted by the media, or want to actively engage with the media to promote a campaign or event. This guide helps you prepare for media enquiries where you will need to react to questions from a journalist from the press, or a radio or TV presenter.

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Guide to How to Make a Video

Video is a popular and powerful communications and training tool and is widely used on websites, across social media platforms and at conferences and events. Everyone with a smart phone or webcam on their computer has the ability to make and post a video, but affordable cameras and simple equipment can also be used to make and edit very professional looking videos.

This guide is designed to help you plan, film and edit a video. The guide has been divided into four parts, all of which provide advice, considerations and practical instructions and tips.

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PARE draft position paper: For EULAR member organisation commentary

Commentary is invited to the content and context of the following document prepared by PARE to reflect the views of patients with RMD across Europe in the context of the introductions of biosimilar medicines in rheumatology practice in 2018.  Download the document here. All commentary is to be sent to Florian Klett at the EULAR Secretariat.