EULAR PARE Education and Training Modules:
Guide to How to Make a Video

Video is a popular and powerful communications and training tool and is widely used on websites, across social media platforms and at conferences and events. Everyone with a smart phone or webcam on their computer has the ability to make and post a video, but affordable cameras and simple equipment can also be used to make and edit very professional looking videos.

This guide is designed to help you plan, film and edit a video. The guide has been divided into four parts, all of which provide advice, considerations and practical instructions and tips.

A full copy of the manual can be downloaded as pdf here, or you can use the links in the right side bar to dip into specific areas of the guide as and when you need them.

N.B. The information in this guide was prepared for a workshop held at the 20th EULAR Annual European Conference of PARE held in Lisbon, Portugal on the 25–26 February 2017.

Please note that whilst the basic information will remain the same, the technical information will need to be updated as new technologies become available. In the workshop we used Windows Movie Maker for editing videos, but there are many different systems available, which are not covered in this manual. The basic principles for most systems will be similar.

How to make a video (1): Planning

Part one

Part one covers planning your video from setting your objectives, developing a structure and creative approach, creating a storyboard, finding suitable venues and choosing the best people to appear in your video to practical aspects such as gaining permissons and concents, setting deadlines and budgeting.

How to make a video (2): Equipment

Part two

Part two provides information on equipent along with tips for filming your video.

How to make a video (3): Filming

Part three

Part three gives you tips on filming your video.

How to make a video (4): Editing

Part four

Part four covers editing, uploading and promoting your video.