EULAR PARE Education and Training Modules:
Guide to Conducting Media Interviews

If you are a national member organisation of PARE there is a good chance you will either be contacted by the media, or want to actively engage with the media to promote a campaign or event.

This guide helps you prepare for media enquiries where you will need to react to questions from a journalist from the press, or a radio or TV presenter.

For ease of use we have divided this guide into parts:

Part One provides background information on the media and Part Two provides information and tips on conducting media interviews.

A fully copy of the manual can be downloaded as a pdf hereor you can use the links in the right side bar to dip into specific areas of the guide as and when you need them.

This video was filmed live at a workshop on Media Interviews held at the 20th EULAR Annual European Conference of PARE in Portugal in February 2017. The workshop included theory and practical exercises. In the first exercise participants worked in pairs to roleplay media interviews both from the perspective of a representative from an organisation and a journalist or broadcaster. Each participant also practised a mock media interview, which was filmed for feedback.