Applications for project grants

EULAR welcomes project applications from rheumatologists around Europe designed to developing EULAR Recommendations, EULAR Criteria, EULAR Points to Consider, or similar projects. Final manuscripts, approved by EULAR, will ultimately need to be submitted to  ARD for review and possible publication. Applicants should be aware of a standard EULAR procedure for applying, internal evaluation, and decision-making.

  • Applicants are invited to submit a full proposal (maximal length: 5 pages; longer proposals will be returned) and a corresponding lay summary.
    Project proposals will be reviewed and evaluated by the EULAR Standing Committee chairmen. Following evaluation, the EULAR Executive Committee will make a final funding decision at its next available meeting. Funding decisions will be made twice a year, in March and September.
  • (Full project proposals must reach the Secretariat by end of June or end of December in order to meet internal process deadlines and ensure submission to the next EULAR Executive Committee meetings.)
  • Standard budget for projects is EUR 55'000 (two meetings at 20'000 each, 15'000 for fellow work), and EUR 35'000 for "update" projects (one meeting at 20'000, 15'000 for fellow work).
  • If a project proposal is approved, all task force members will need to fill in a "Declaration of Interest" form provided by the EULAR Secretariat.
  • Note that EULAR has recognised the pivotal role of patients in the development of recommendations. Today it is common practice for EULARs task force leaders to involve one or two patient research partners in their project organisation.
  • The project duration is limited to one year after the second meeting has taken place.
  • Please note that EULAR does not endorse recommendations retrospectively.

Applications for research project funding

EULAR as an organisation does NOT fund research proposals but supports the Foundation for Research in Rheumatology (FOREUM).


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