Brussels Conference 2019

Conference 'A sustainable and effective EU health policy for citizens: Focusing on chronic diseases and inclusion in social and economic life'

Brussels, 16 October 2019

Join Professor Iain McInnes, President of the European League Against Rheumatism, EULAR, on EULAR TV's livestream (on this webpage, as well as on YouTube and Facebook Live) on Wednesday, 16 October, 2019 from 0900 CET as he hosts key dialogue and debate on the topic of, 'A sustainable and effective EU health policy for citizens: Focusing on chronic diseases and inclusion in social and economic life'.

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Iain McInnes opinion editorial in EURACTIV

Opportunity in a crisis: European Union must enable people with chronic conditions to remain active in social and economic life
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In 2019, EULAR will host the EULAR Brussels conference virtually over EULAR TV. This will include the conference livestream, as well as key addresses from Professor Loreto Carmona, EULAR Scientific Chair, who will guide us through the day and gather key stakeholder statements as the conference unfolds.

EULAR TV includes the conference livestream, with addresses and statements played during the breaks. Start: 0830 CET; End: 1800 CET. 

Join the day on EULAR YouTube, EULAR Facebook and on this webpage - see related information opposite on this page for links to the platforms. platform

During the conference, in particular the session on messages to the new European Commission, EULAR invites you to join the discussion. To help with this, EULAR will be using a simple audience interaction platform called allows you to vote on a number of recommendations and make sure your most pressing concerns receive the attention they deserve. Since the voting will directly follow the panel debate, the panellist will also have a chance to comment on the outcome of the polls.

To join the conversation, please take your smartphone, tablet or computer, make sure you have internet connection and follow the three steps below:

The event code: #EULARBrussels2019

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