EULAR Public Affairs: EULAR and European public health policy

Although the scope and organisation of health care services is a competence of Member States, the EU plays a key role in improving the understanding, prevention and management of diseases as well as in strengthening health care systems. In addition to legislation on a number of issues (such as patients’ rights in cross-border care, the mutual recognition of professional qualifications, clinical trials, etc.), the EU supports Member States by coordinating a number of activities, promoting the exchange of information and good practices, and alike.

Next to legislation and non-legislative input, the European Union offers also funding opportunities for public health oriented projects. Researchers, patients and health professionals are target groups for these support mechanisms.

Given the relevance of EU Public Health for the RMD community, EULAR has been increasingly active in this domain. Among others, EULAR participates in forums, events, campaigns and consultations organised by the EU institutions. Furthermore, it organises events to discuss with policy makers and stakeholders on public health issues and policies that are of interest for the RMD community (for instance, the burden of RMDs, prevention of chronic diseases, access to health care, etc.).

In addition, has contributed to the shaping of the Health Programme and offers support to project proposals coming from organisations and individuals in the rheumatic and musculoskeletal disease community.

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Thon EU Hotel (Brussels), 9 October 2018
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Brussels, 13 October 2015
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Brussels, 16 October 2014
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EU reflection process on chronic diseases (2012) and EU chronic disease summit

Brussels, 3-4 April 2014
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European musculoskeletal conditions surveillance and information network
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