EULAR Public Affairs: EULAR and European research policy

EU Research policy is one of the important areas of interest for EULAR. The EU plays a key role in providing financial support to research projects in different domains, being health research one of the most important ones (they account for about 10% of the Horizon 2020 budget). Through its policy initiatives, the EU also promotes the collaboration and coordination of research institutes, universities and SMEs across Europe.

The main goal of EULAR in this policy area is to raise awareness among EU policy makers about the need to further support research and innovation in RMDs, as research is the most effective and sustainable way to reduce the enormous burden of these conditions. EULAR also promotes initiatives aiming to strengthening medical research activities in the EU, including issues such as the potential impact of the new EU Data Protection Regulation on scientific activities.

To this end, EULAR develops recommendations, organises meetings and debates with policy makers and stakeholders, and participates in different forums and activities.

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