EU-OSHA “Healthy workplaces campaign 2012-2013: working together for risk prevention”

The EU Agency for Health and Safety at Work (EU-OSHA) is the EU agency in charge promoting safer, healthier, and more productive working place. It does so by organising campaigns, developing tools for risk prevention in the workplace, partnering governments, employers and workers organisations, and by doing research. In 2012-2013, EU-OSHA ran the campaign “Working together for risk prevention”, which aimed to “help national authorities, companies, organisations, managers, workers and their representatives and other stakeholders to work together to enhance health and safety in the workplace”. EULAR joined the campaign as a regular member, organising a workshop during one of the Conference “Preventing chronic diseases for a healthier Europe”, by inviting EU-OSHA representatives to other events, and by circulating the campaign materials in workshops and conferences organised by EULAR.

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