World Arthritis Day 2016

Watch and share The Future is in Your Hands!

To celebrate World Arthritis Day 2016, EULAR has launched ‘The Future in your Hands’ – a social media campaign informing people around the world about rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases (RMDs) and why taking action is so important.   

See how Lill, Marija, Theodora, Ailsa and Claudine are taking action to live life to the fullest with an RMD and learn about how you can take action and show support. Together, we can raise awareness of issues affecting people with RMDs and help make their voices heard worldwide.

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Press Release - World Arthritis Day 2016 

World Arthritis Day - 12 October every year

The World Arthritis Day (WAD) on 12 October is a global awareness raising and action day. EULAR takes a leading role in promoting international activities for and on that day by running a stimulating website for WAD. Each year, EULAR presents new and innovative approaches facilitating the life of people with rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases in Europe.  Individuals and organisations around the world are invited to take up ideas and programmes presented on the website and further develop them into national actions.  

Each year WAD is intended to promote a different aspect of living with a rheumatic or musculoskeletal disease and encourage action. It is more than just a "day": it usually takes all year to develop campaigns and activities related to WAD and efforts in many countries are ongoing throughout the year.