In Loving Memory  

The President and the Board of EULAR express profound condolences for the loss of Professor Debashish Danda, the Immediate Past President of APLAR and a highly respected figure in the field of rheumatology. His outstanding contributions and unwavering dedication have had a lasting impact. We pay tribute to his memory and the legacy he has left behind.

Daniel Aletaha, EULAR President, and the EULAR Board.



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EULAR and BMJ are announcing a change to their longstanding joint ownership of the prestigious medical journals Annals of Rheumatic Diseases (ARD)  and RMD Open. As part of this transition, EULAR will take full ownership of ARD, while BMJ will wholly own RMD Open. ​   BMJ will continue to publish and distribute both journals, while EULAR will exclusively focus on the development of ARD. BMJ will focus on the development of RMD Open as part of its growing portfolio of open access journal titles. This change marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter in the journals’ histories, which will remain focused on advancing rheumatology research and care.