EULAR Network of Trial centres (ENTRI)

The  EULAR Network of Trial centres (ENTRI) is an initiative by the EULAR Research Centre, dedicated to facilitating rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases (RMDs)-related clinical trial delivery for patient benefit, across all countries represented within the  EULAR membership .      


1. Create a network of experienced clinical trials centres with access to large cohorts of patients with RMDs, accessible to all investigators and sponsors from both public and private sectors.

2. Build capacity and training in clinical trials and experimental medicine studies in close collaboration with EULAR’s Impact of RMDs Survey, RheumaFacts,  Advanced Tissue Analysis and the EULAR School of Rheumatology.

3. Provide RMD-related clinical trials toolkits underpinned by best practice.

Benefits of membership of ENTRI  

  • Opportunities to participate in clinical research 

  • Opportunities to collaborate on research studies with other ENTRI members 

  • Participating in industry sponsored research studies and clinical trials 

  • Contribute to developing the ENTRI clinical trials toolkit 

  • Providing mentorship 

  • Training opportunities for aspiring young investigators 

5 Reasons to join ENTRI:

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Call for applications for membership of ENTRI

EULAR now welcomes institutions from across the community to apply for membership of ENTRI. The EULAR Research Centre will oversee a two-step application process, starting with an Expression of Interest (EoI). This will be followed by an invitation to complete a full application, which aims to capture in more detail the resources and experience of each Centre. 

Here, we invite Expressions of Interest from any organisation or institution: 

  • Promoting excellence in patient care.   

  • Demonstrating commitment to clinical research.  

  • With oversight into capacity and capabilities in clinical trials and experimental medicine studies and/or  

  • Experience in sponsoring clinical research (desirable, but not essential). 

  • Demonstrating expertise , or a clear willingness to further develop the skills in recruiting patients with RMDs to research studies. 

Please complete the EoI form using the link below (this should not take more than 20-30 mins). 
Successful applicants will be notified and invited to complete a full application. 

Application Form

Application Deadline: 01 July 2024, 23:59 CEST

For more information, please contact:  



ENTRI aims primarily at facilitating RMD trials for patients benefit.  

Please add following infographics: RheumaFact Map - ENTRI Map.pdf (  

Yes, so long as the Centre fulfils the criteria outlined above. 

We recommend that each EoI is submitted by a single individual with experience in clinical trials, who will represent their Centre, and take responsibility for completing the full application in the event that the EoI is successful. 

Yes! The ENTRI team welcomes any Centre working in the RMD field, caring for RMD patients, with a commitment to clinical research, and with a willingness to take responsibility for research to apply to be a member of ENTRI . 

Yes! The ENTRI team welcomes all individuals working in the RMD field across a range of disciplines, and with a willingness to take on princjple investigator responsibilties, to apply to be a member of ENTRI.    

This is up to the individual Centre and how it operates. We encourage both joint (adult and paediatric) or single (separate adult and paediatric EoIs) applications.

Any research study or clinical trial can be conducted through ENTRI   

 We anticipate informing Centres of the outcome of the EoI by XXX. Centres will then be invited to submit a full application using a dedicated online weblink. Centres will be given 8 weeks to complete and submit this application. EULAR Research Centre plans to announce details of membership of ENTRI in June 2024, at the EULAR congress in Vienna. 

Membership of ENTRI comes at no cost, beyond a commitment to undertaking high quality research in theRMDs   

EULAR does not recommend or endorse any specific trial or study. The aim of ENTRI is to provide a research framework of Centres who are willing to contribute to high quality research in the RMDs. These studies can be led by clinical investigators, health professionals or by industry. 

ENTRI is driven by the  EULAR Clinical Research Sub-Committee, led by the chair, Prof. Andrew P. Cope(Professor of Rheumatology, King’s College London, United Kingdom).   

 You can contact the ENTRI team at any time at the following address:  

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