EULAR Study Groups

EULAR Study Groups are focus groups in the areas of Quality of Care, Research, Health Professionals, and PARE People with Arthritis and Rheumatism.

Each study group is connected to and supported by a EULAR Committee. Each committee is entitled to apply for EULAR endorsement, and also apply for a title for a EULAR Study Group (see related information).

Applications should be received by these deadlines: 15 January and 1 July of each year.

How to apply to a EULAR Study Group:

In accordance with the EULAR Statutes, it is possible to apply for a title of a EULAR Study Group. Applications should be sent by the study group leader to EULAR Office at the following e-mail address:

Please download here and send via e-mail the following documents:

The Chair of the Committee that supervises the related study groups will review the application received and will present it in the EULAR Council meeting for its final approval.

After formal approval, the study group can start its work.

More detailed information on the process can be found in the following document: 

Conditions for a EULAR Study Group_2024

Individuals who would like to become members of an ongoing study group have to contact directly the leader of the group. The study group leader will review the request and accept new members.

The list of all ongoing study groups and related leaders are available here: 

See the full list of EULAR Study Groups and Leaders

If you need further information kindly contact 

Lists and Details of Study Groups:
See the full list of EULAR Study Groups and Leaders

EULAR Quality of Care Study Groups

EULAR Research Study Groups

EULAR Health Professionals Study Groups (HPR)

EULAR PARE Study Groups

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