EULAR Study Groups

EULAR Study Groups are focus groups in the areas of Quality of Care, Research, Health Professionals, and PARE People with Arthirtis and Rheumatism.

Each study group is connected to and supported by a EULAR Committee. Each committee is entitled to apply for EULAR endorsement, and also apply for a title for a EULAR Study Group (see related information).

Applications should be received by these deadlines: 15 January and 1 July of each year 

See the full list of EULAR Study Groups and Leaders

EULAR Quality of Care Study Groups

EULAR Research Study Groups

EULAR Health Professionals Study Groups (HPR)

EULAR PARE Study Groups

Related Information
Application Form 

In accordance with the EULAR Statutes, it is possible to apply for a title of a EULAR Study Group 

Applications should be sent to EULAR Office at the following e-mail address:

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Study Group Aims - Letter template