EMEUNET – The Emerging EULAR Network

EMEUNET is an exciting community that started its activities in 2009, emanating from one of the objectives set by EULAR –  "Bring on board high quality, young generation contributors in all EULAR activities".

This statement was seized upon as an opportunity to address educational needs and promote research interests of aspiring young academics through the creation and development of a Europe-wide network of young rheumatologists.

To achieve this, the committee organises a range of high-quality activities and programmes for its community. 

Discover the EMEUNET Community

  • EMEUNET- What is New (WIN) 
    "What is new?" is a new initiative led by the EMEUNET Education Subgroup, with the aim of helping to keep EMEUNET members up to date with the latest scientific and clinical findings in specific areas of rheumatology. 

  • The EMEUNET Peer review mentoring programme 
    Helping young rheumatologists to have more access and information, to interact with mentors and leading clinicians/researchers in the field of rheumatology. It also encourages the exchange of ideas between peers providing an opportunity to get in touch with rheumatologists with similar research interests. 
  • The EULAR - EMEUNET Journal Club 
    A discussion on selected papers. 
  • The EULAR TV Reporter at the EULAR European Congress of Rheumatology 
    A group of reporters is selected from to report through the EULAR TV broadcast during the annual EULAR European Congress of Rheumatology. The reports are based on individually researched topics based on their specialization/interests from attended sessions at the congress and stories that the news editor will assign, as well assists in content edition.  
  • The EMEUNET Postdoc Mentoring Programme 
    Offering the possibility to be mentored on subjects such as: how to lead a project, build a network, evolve into senior researcher, career advice and development by an external mentor. 
  • The EMEUNET Mentor - Mentee meetings 
    At the EULAR and ACR annual meetings, EMEUNET arranges informal meetings with 4-6 mentees and 1 mentor with matching research interests. The topics for discussion are decided by the mentees and mentors, and may be specific or general research questions or questions regarding career pathways. 
  • EMEUNET Research Institute Database 
    Registered EMEUNET members are granted access to a searchable database of all members, allowing them to establish research collaborations and share information. Registered members also have the opportunity to take part in mentoring, educational and networking activities and may annually apply to working group membership, where as broad a representation within EULAR countries as possible is ensured.

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