EULAR Research Committee

The EULAR Research Committee serves as the focal point for rheumatology research in Europe and is the conduit for international research collaborations and interactions with the larger rheumatology research community around the world. 

The committee does this by setting research priorities in the field of RMDs, promoting and facilitating research in rheumatology, and coordinating of the work of the Sub-Committees (basic and translational research, clinical research, public health and epidemiology).

Research Committee By-Laws

Basic and Translational Research Sub-Committee Regulations

Clinical Research Sub-Committee regulations

Public Health and Epidemiology Research Sub-Committee Regulations

Chair: Prof. Ronald van Vollenhoven, the Netherlands
Past-Chair: Prof. Dirk Elewaut, Belgium
Sub-committee Chairs: 
Prof. Rik Lories, Belgium
Dr. Anna Molto, France
Prof. Andrew Cope, United Kingdom
Advisor: Prof. Daniel Aletaha, Austria


Committee members

Ronald van Vollenhoven, Netherlands
Dirk Elewaut, Belgium
Anna Molto, France
Rik Lories, Belgium
Andrew Cope, United Kingdom
Peter Boehm, Germany
Ana Vieira, Portugal
Thijs Swinnen, Belgium
Nina Brodin, Sweden
Diego Benavent, Spain
Daniele Mauro, Italy
Fabrizio De Benedetti, Italy
Sander Tas, Netherlands
Roberto Giacomelli, Italy
Thomas Pap, Germany
Gary Macfarlane, United Kingdom
Maarten de Wit, Netherlands
Felice Rivellese, Italy
Pedro Machado, United Kingdom
Anja Strangfeld, Germany 
Caroline Ospelt, Switzerland
Ladislav Senolt, Czech Republic
Laszlo Kovacs, Hungary
Iain McInnes, United Kingdom
Yannick Degboe, France


Basic and Translational Research Sub-Committee members

Sub-committee chair:  Rik Lories
Stefano Aliverini, Italy
Anne-Christine Bay-Jensen, Denmark
Francisco Blanco, Spain
Tania Crisan, Romania
Maarten de Wit, Netherlands
Joerg Distler, Germany
Jerome Guicheux, France
Silvia Hayer, Austria
Gisela Orozco, United Kingdom
Leonie Taams, United Kingdom
Lisa Van Baarsen, Netherlands

Clinical Research Sub-Committee members

Sub-committee chair:  Andrew Cope
Laura Coates, United Kingdom
Richard Conway, Ireland
Claire Daien, France
Tue Kragstrup, Denmark
Helga Radner, Austria
Savino Sciascia, Italy
Lotte van der Stadt, Netherlands
Gaelle Varkas, Belgium
Ana Vieira, Portugal

Public Health and Epidemiology Research Sub-Committee members

Sub-committee chair:  Anna Molto
Laurent Arnaud, France
Johan Askling, Sweden
Peter Boehm, Germany
Annelies Boonen, Netherlands
Loreto Carmona, Spain
William Dixon, United Kingdom
Axel Finckh, Switzerland
Laure Gossec, France
Kimme Hyrich, United Kingdom
Pedro Machado, United Kingdom
Elena Nikiphorou, United Kingdom
Marta Pentek, Hungary
Daniel Prieto-Alhambra, United Kingdom
Sofia Ramiro, Netherlands
Alexandre Sepriano, Portugal
Raphaele Seror, France
Anja Strangfeld, Germany
Jakub Zavada, Czech Republic

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EULAR Project Proposals (for non recommendations and non task force projects)

All EULAR project proposals are to be submitted by 15 January or 1 July of each year and is subject to the approval of the EULAR Council. The final decision and budget of a project will be determined by the EULAR Council each March and September.
Download the EULAR Project Proposal template
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EULAR Statutes, Reports, and By-Laws

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EULAR Committees

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