Allocation of Consultants

Research consultation requests are reviewed by a rotating panel of domain experts, covering the range of service support areas from basic/translational science and clinical science to health services research, patient/community involvement, and EU grant proposal development. The panel members allocate service applicants with the most suitable consultant in the field.

Panel Members

Basic and translational science
Andrew Cope
Professor of Rheumatology
King’s College London
United Kingdom

Clinical science
Bernard Combe
Professor of Rheumatology
Montpellier-Nimes University

Health Services Research and Implementation science
Tanja Stamm
Professor and Head of the Institute for Outcomes Research, Deputy Director of the Center for Medical Statistics, Informatics and Intelligent Systems Medical University of Vienna

Patient involvement
Maarten de Wit
PhD, Chair of EULAR Study Group for Collaborative Research

EU grant writing support
Dirk Elewaut
Professor of Rheumatology and Immunology
Ghent University Hospital