EULAR EMEUNET Sub-Committees

The EMEUNET Sub-Committees (Education, Social Media, Peer Mentoring, Visibility and Global Affairs, Newsletter, Country Liaison - hereinafter each "Sub-Committee") have been established by the EULAR Board in accordance with the statutes of EULAR and the 
by-laws of the Committee.

The Sub-Committees support EULAR's and the Committee's objective, with the aim to organise and promote EMEUNET’s activities. The Sub-Committees do not pursue gainful or self-help purposes. 

EMEUNET Sub-Committees Regulations            

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The Sub-Committee Education has the objective to improve the clinical and scientific knowledge among young rheumatologists and researchers (trainees and specialists included), working in the field of rheumatology in Europe and beyond.


Chair: Luis Fernando Perez, Mexico / Netherlands
Barbara Russo, Switzerland/Italy, 
Enrico De Lorenzis, Italy
Gizem Ayan, Turkey 
Gözde Kübra Yardımcı, Turkey
Pierre-Antoine Juge, France
Stefan Dinescu, Romania 
Tsvetoslav Georgiev, Bulgaria
Vincenzo Venerito, Italy


The Sub-Committee Social Media has the objective to contact young rheumatologists through the use of emails, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms for sharing information from conferences and meetings of interest; to keep young rheumatologist in the world informed and involved in educational, clinical and research activities.


Co-Chair: Mrinalini Dey, UK
Co-Chair: Latika Gupta, UK/India
Alejandro Gómez Gómez, Spain 
Bayram Farisogullari, Turkey/UK 
Clementina López-Medina, Spain
Dálifer Freites Núñez, Spain 
Emre Bilgin, Turkey
Fernando Montero, Spain 
Olivier Fakih, France
Rebecca Hasseli, Germany
Renske Meijer, Netherlands
Rudresh Shukla, UK
Sytske Anne Bergstra, The Netherlands
Valentina Pucino, Italy/UK


The Sub-Committee Peer Mentoring has the objective to help young rheumatologists to increase access and information, to interact with mentors and leading clinicians/researchers in the field of rheumatology and to encourage the exchanges between peers.


Chair: Alvise Berti, Italy
Cathy Melong, Switzerland/Cameroon 
Jelena Colic, Serbia
Jeroen Smeele, Netherlands,
Mert Öztaş, Turkey
Morten Aagard Nielsen, Denmark
Sarah Dyball, UK 
Simone Battista, Italy
Wan Lin Ng, Malaysia/Ireland


The Sub-Committee Visibility and Global affairs has the objective to increase awareness around the world about EMEUNET.


Chair: Daniele Mauro, Italy
Feline Kroon, The Netherlands 
Francesca Crisafulli, Italy 
Jan Schirmer, Germany
Jean Guillaume Letarouilly, France
Krystel Aouad, Lebanon / France
Lisa Christ, Germany/Switzerland 
Muhammad Shipa, UK/Bangladesh
Shalaleh Karkon, Canada/Ireland


The Sub-Committee Newsletter has the objective to keep young rheumatologists and researchers in the field updated on activities and latest news of EMEUNET, as well as any upcoming events, new projects and other information that could be considered as useful.


Chair: Diego Benavent, Spain
Aleksandra Opinc, Poland 
Ana Isabel Rebollo-Giménez, Spain
Anastasia Madenidou, UK 
Giacomo Cafaro, Italy
Halbert Hernandez Negrín, Spain/Cuba 
Juan Camilo Sarmiento-Monroy, Spain / Colombia 
Rositsa Dacheva, Bulgaria 
Stephanie Ling, UK 
Victoria Konzett, Austria



The Sub-Committee Country Liaison has the objective to share EMEUNET / EULAR information, to encourage and support the country liaisons and to keep its network active, to prepare and update EMEUNET advertising materials, to increase the visibility of the country liaisons and their actions.


Chair: Ertugrul C. Bolek, Turkey
Alexandros Panagiotopoulos, Greece
Bohdana Doskaliuk, Ukraine
Claudia Cobilinschi. Romania
Cristiana Sieiro Santos, Portugal
Cristina Macía-Villa, Spain
Daliya Pencheva, Bulgaria
Tania Gudu, Romania/UK
Zoran Velickovic, Serbia


The aims of the Country Liaison Sub-committee are:

  1. To promote and distribute EMEUNET / EULAR information 
    Reach and attract young rheumatologists and/or researchers (trainees and specialists included, <40 years of age) in every country to become members and to participate in EMEUNET/ EULAR activities.

    For this, we support and work closely with the country liaisons, on whom we rely to:
    1. Disseminate information prepared by EMEUNET (e.g. newsletters, courses, job opportunities, surveys, etc.) to the young rheumatologists and researchers in rheumatology within their countries.
    2. Perform and report back on national activities meant to increase the visibility and adherence to EMEUNET within their countries.
    3. Keep in touch and give feedback / suggestions.

  2. To encourage and support the country liaisons and keep the Country Liaison network active
    Our sub-committee actively promotes EMEUNET at a national level: visibility at national meetings, comprehensive and updated email lists, etc. For this, we send out periodic reminders and materials, organize regular TC, and are always available for queries. 

  3. To prepare and update EMEUNET advertising materials
    We have designed a collection of EMEUNET advertising material in a ready-to-use kit serving as resources for the activity of the Country Liaisons. These materials include a slide deck, a number of flyers and posters, etc.

  4. To increase the visibility of the Country Liaisons and their actions
    Each year, we host the Country Liaison meeting during the EULAR Congress, exclusively tailored for Country Liaisons. Our sub-committee oversees the Country Liaison Newsletter in conjunction with the Newsletter Sub-committee. Additionally, we provide routine updates on the activities of Country Liaisons across EMEUNET's social media platforms, in partnership with the Social Media Sub-committee.

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