EULAR PARE Representation Committee

The EULAR PARE Committee gathers representatives of groups for people with rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases around Europe to work together towards improving the quality of life for those in Europe living with these conditions, with the vision to empower and help them lead full and independent lives.

The national member organisations of EULAR PARE (People with Arthritis / Rheumatism across Europe) work together via the EULAR PARE Committee and the EULAR PARE Assembly. The PARE Committee is composed of up to 25 members. The Members of the PARE Committee are natural persons with specific knowledge and experience in the field of the PARE objectives. Only persons representing EULAR members (PARE, HPR, scientific organisations, scientific affiliates and individual members) and being affected by an RMD can be Members of the PARE Committee, except for a maximum of 5 persons that do not need to fulfil these criteria.

The EULAR PARE Assembly meets annually on the occasion of the EULAR European Congress of Rheumatology gathering the representatives of national EULAR PARE member organisations, affiliated EULAR member organisations which are representing people with RMDs, the PARE Committee members, patient representatives which are active in EULAR activities and other EULAR PARE key stakeholders by invitation. The PARE Assembly is convened with the aim to exchange information and ideas, to develop visions, to identify future leadership and to network. The PARE Assembly has no competence to take decisions.

The primary aims of EULAR PARE are to:

  • ensure that the voice of people with RMDs is heard and has influence within EULAR and among decision makers within Europe;
  • improve the quality of life of people with RMDs, by supporting EULARs aims in the fields of education, research and advocacy;
  • support and empower effective, user-led organisations of people with RMDs and develop strong networks; create powerful alliances that will make a difference to the lives of people with RMDs.

EULAR PARE Committee By-Laws 

EULAR PARE Communications Sub-Committee Regulations

EULAR PARE Community Relations Sub-Committee Regulations

EULAR PARE Education and Research Sub-Committee Regulations

Vice-President PARE: Elsa Mateus, Portugal  

Chair: Peter Boyd, Ireland  
Past Chair: Souzi Makri, Cyprus


Committee Members

Peter Boyd, Ireland
Souzi Makri, Cyprus
Sina Bugeja, Malta
Andri Phoka, Cyprus
Boryana Boteva, Bulgaria
Ilaria Bini, Italy
Simon Stones, United Kingdom
Alice Grojean, Switzerland
Sara Badreh, Sweden
Slađana Rumpl Tunjic, Croatia
Silvia Aguilera, Switzerland
Katy Antonopoulou, Creece
Mrinalini Dey, United Kingdom
Corinna Elling-Audersch, Germany
Elsa Mateus, Portugal
Mwidimi Ndosi, United Kingdom
Victoria Romero Pazos, Spain 
Anita van de Louw, Netherlands
Nele Caeyers, Belgium
Jeanette Andersen, Denmark

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