2021 EULAR Edgar Stene Prize Topic:
“How digital solutions benefit my life as a person with an RMD”.

Digitalisation was already a hot topic before the pandemic hit the world and since then there is no way  around it. It impacts on all areas of our lives and although the virtual world can never replace the human contact it definitely offers some advantages.


Dieter Wiek and Elsa Mateus introduce the 2021 EULAR Edgar Stene Prize competition

Every year, the competition is co-ordinated by EULAR PARE. Competition details are distributed to the EULAR PARE member organisations so they can run the competition nationally. The Edgar Stene Prize is awarded at the Opening Plenary Session of the EULAR European Congress of Rheumatology to the person with an RMD submitting the best essay describing their individual experience of living with their condition around a specific topic.  

Congratulations to the 2021 winner and finalists!

First prize 
'On an equal footing' 
by Stine Bjørk Brøndum Jefsen, Denmark

"What many have perceived as limitations, I have felt to be progress – with more and better opportunities to be part of something. The ability to get together virtually means that my family and I, for a moment, can forget about my condition and limitations. I can participate on an equal footing with everyone else."

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'With a little help from our friends' 
by Sunčica Đorđević, Serbia

"So let’s grab our mobile phones and laptops, smile and, with much optimism, let’s start helping others and ourselves in our everyday struggle with RMDs with the help of the digital wonders offered by modern life."

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Third place
'Living in the digital world'
by Penka Velkova, Bulgaria

"It is a fact that my disease has changed many aspects of my life, which is made much easier by using a range of different digital apps. Now the world is only a click away. I want to be a fully-fledged person – to develop, to learn, to help myself improve my health and look for little moments of happiness. These applications help me to be involved in life in an easier way. With them, I have my tiny window to the world."

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Thank you to all participants

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Meet the Judges of the 2021 EULAR Edgar Stene Prize

Names listed from left to right: 

  • Dr. Daniel Aletaha: EULAR Board Member 
  • Jeanette Andersen: Leader of the EULAR PARE Editorial Board, PARE Committee, Member and Leader of the 2021
  • Beth Dillon: EULAR Young PARE Board 
  • Marleen Rones: Country Leader Nordland, Norsk Revmatikerforbund (NRF)
  • Prof. Marco Testa: President of Italian HPRs Association (FORRHEUMA)

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