EULAR Edgar Stene Prize Competition 

Every year, the competition is co-ordinated by EULAR PARE. Competition details are distributed to the EULAR PARE member organisations so they can run the competition nationally. The Edgar Stene Prize is awarded at the Opening Plenary Session of the EULAR European Congress of Rheumatology to the person with an RMD submitting the best essay describing their individual experience of living with their condition around a specific topic.

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2024 EULAR Edgar Stene Prize topic:
“Engaging with my national RMD organisation – how it enriched and changed the quality of my life”  

Congratulations to the 2024 winner and finalists

First Prize 
Emma O’Carroll, Ireland

"Another stereotypical comment I am often met with when someone learns that I have arthritis is: ‘but you’re very young’. It has given me continuous encouragement to see the stories of several young people included in campaigns and discussions. It is a space where I feel truly seen. These stories are a vital medium that I use to help friends and family to understand my experience with arthritis.“ 

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Second Prize
Hilde Koning, Netherlands

"I see my life as a journey of discovery. My journey is one with bumps, side roads, peaks, valleys and regular storms along the way. This sometimes makes it frightening and difficult, but I now also experience that this is what makes life interesting and worthwhile. I now try to see the bumps I encounter along the way as an opportunity to learn and grow instead of resisting them.”

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Third Prize 
Marija Kosanovic, Serbia

"My life changed as well. I studied every day, I assisted patients, I joined research projects as a patient myself, and I participated in educating doctors on how to recognise the symptoms of arthritis through an early detection project. Before joining ORS, I always preferred to stay on the sidelines"

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Meet the EULAR Edgar Stene Prize 2024 Jury

Jeanette Andersen

PARE Editorial Board Leader
PARE Committee Member 

Laure Gossec

EULAR Treasurer 

Agnes Rauter


Irene Pitsillidou

EULAR Patient Research Partner

Anette Slåtta

 Vice Chairman of BURG,
the Norwegian Rheumatism Association

Leticia Leon

Health Psychologist PhD
Researcher, Hospital Clinico San Carlos 

About the Edgar Stene Prize

First awarded in June 1975 during the EULAR European Congress of Rheumatology in Helsinki-Finland, the Edgar Stene Prize was created by EULAR to honour the memory of Edgar W Stene.

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EULAR in the context of persons living with RMDs

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