EULAR PARE: Knowledge Transfer Programme (KTP)

Every year, EULAR grants funding to the Knowledge Transfer Programme which enables national PARE organisations to improve and apply skills by learning from the experience of other organisations in the EULAR network.


It helps to develop professional capacities within the organisation, stimulates innovation, knowledge and experience exchange between the national PARE organisations. The knowledge transfer can be done by mutual visits or by virtual meetings and sharing and discussing relevant documents. 

Objectives: With the investment into the Knowledge Transfer Programme, EULAR wants to support PARE organisations in their growth, to make them stronger and innovative, so they can better serve the needs of people with RMDs across Europe.

Benefits: By successfully completing a project, your organisation will

  • have strengthened its partnership with the partner organisation(s)
  • learn how to implement the lessons learnt and how to achieve the aims and objectives of the project and translate it into enhanced organisational capacities
  • be able to apply the gained knowledge in the organisation and/or the branches of the organisation
  • be able to teach the gained knowledge to other members / staff of the organisation

Eligibility: The programme is open for applications to National PARE organisations and for the EULAR Scientific Affiliates. Preference will be given to project applications which actively involve people with rheumatic diseases.

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Reports, letter, and guide
2021 - 2022 

Malta - Ireland

KTP Final Report
2021 - 2022 

Spain - Germany

KTP Final Report
Estonia - Cyprus
2019 - 2020

Israel - Malta

KTP Final Report

Poland - Netherlands - Sweden

KTP Final Report
2018 - 2019

Serbia - Sweden

KTP Final Report

Finland - Sweden - Denmark

KTP Final Report

Croatia - Germany

KTP Final Report
2017 - 2018

Poland - Finland

KTP Final Report
2016 - 2017

Finland - Sweden - Denmark - Norway - Iceland

KTP Final Report
2015 - 2016

Italy - Netherlands

KTP Final Report  

Cyprus - Sweden

KTP Final Report
2014 - 2015  ​

Germany - Switzerland 

KTP Final Report

Romania - Poland - Netherlands

KTP Final Report
2013 - 2014

Estonia - Sweden

KTP Final Report
2011 - 2012

Serbia - Germany

KTP Final Report  

United Kingdom - Netherlands

KTP Final Report

Romania - Cyprus

KTP Final Report
2010 - 2011

Greece - Norway

KTP Final Report

Germany - Netherlands

KTP Final Report 

Related Information
Key dates

Call for proposals opens: 15 September 2022
Submission deadline: 15 January 2023 at 23:59 CEST
Jury review and decisions: 16 January 2023 - 28 February 2023
Winner announcements and grant agreement signing: March 2023
Project start and duration: 1 April 2023 - 31 March 2024


Alzbeta Göhmann
PARE Coordinator