2022 EULAR Edgar Stene Prize Topic:
"How treating my RMD has influenced my hopes for the future".


Every year, the competition is co-ordinated by EULAR PARE. Competition details are distributed to the EULAR PARE member organisations so they can run the competition nationally. The Edgar Stene Prize is awarded at the Opening Plenary Session of the EULAR European Congress of Rheumatology to the person with an RMD submitting the best essay describing their individual experience of living with their condition around a specific topic.

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Congratulations to the 2022 winner and finalists!

First prize 
'Lucky 13 – A young person with rheumatism looks to the future' 
by Nora Sophia Dubilier

"Rheumatism is part of me and it always will be. It is not an easy road to travel and it never will be. But every time my body lets me down, medicine has progressed a little bit further. Getting two hip replacements in your mid-20s? No problem! After less than a month, I was able to study for my exams again."

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'Dealing with my disease affected my hopes for the future' 
by Evrdiki Ioannou

"So, my friends, I never forgot about Little Red Riding Hood – small, a bit innocent, a bit thin and so powerless against the strong lupus (wolf) but so determined, so brave, so courageous. I decided to follow the survival instructions of my favourite fairy tale’s heroine. These instructions were simple and child-like, but helped me to be full of courage, tenacity and resistance against the fate that had been dealt to me."

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Third place
'Accepting yourself'
by Teodora Radović

"I have accepted myself. Ever-changing, frail, in pain and in joy, in fear and in song, in agony and in prosperity. And I change. Like everyone else, I change. I have both good and bad days. Sometimes, my hope for the future is to get through the day and, sometimes, I feel like I have the strength to change the entire world."

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Thank you to all participants

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Meet the Judges of the 2022 EULAR Edgar Stene Prize



Names listed from left to right: 

  • Zoltan Szekanecz: EULAR Scientific Societies Vice President 
  • Jeanette Andersen: Leader of the EULAR PARE Editorial Board, PARE Committee, Member and Leader of the 2022 Jury 
  • Christina Bankova: Stene Prize Winner 2020
  • Marleen Rones: Country Leader Nordland, Norsk Revmatikerforbund (NRF)
  • Prof. Marco Testa: President of Italian HPRs Association (FORRHEUMA)

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