EULAR Applications for Project Grants

EULAR welcomes project applications from rheumatologists across Europe designed for developing EULAR Recommendations, EULAR Criteria, EULAR Points to Consider, or similar projects.

Final manuscripts, approved by EULAR, can be submitted to ARD or RMD Open for review and possible publication.

Please read carefully and download the standard EULAR procedure (SOPs) for applying, internal evaluation, and decision-making here

The convenor should send a full proposal including an abstract (a short description without convenor’s and methodologist’s name) to the EULAR Office by 15 November (for March Council meeting) or 1 May (for September Council meeting) at the latest.

Additional information on implementation can be found here: (EPI023) "Implementation of recommendations in rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases: considerations for development and uptake"


Applications for research project funding

EULAR as an organisation does NOT fund research proposals but supports the Foundation for Research in Rheumatology[*] (FOREUM).


[*]External link

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Grant application templates

PPT slide deck template

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EULAR Recommended Methodologist

To become a EULAR Recommended Methodologist, please kindly refer to our SOPs - Standard Operating Procedures for Task Forces - Paragraph: 3.3.3 The EULAR methodologist.

List of EULAR Recommended Methodologist